Flows to be restored by morning

Following today’s recovery efforts near Two Leggins, river releases will be increased in two stages:

Starting this evening at 8pm, release will be increased from 1,500cfs to 2,125cfs.

Tomorrow morning at 8am, releases will increase from 2,125cfs to 2,625 cfs.

The morning increase was requested by WAPA, and Reclamation had desired to accommodate our wishes to increase from 1,500cfs to ~2,600cfs

Flows dropped to search for drowning victim

In response to a request from the BIA, river releases to the Bighorn River were reduced today to aid in the search of a potential drowning victim near the Two Leggins diversion. Flows were set at 1,500cfs, the minimum to sustain the fishery, and will continue at that level for the remainder of the day or until the victim is found. No further details were made available.

Bighorn River releases to drop to minimums

After a spring that saw records set for snowpack, inflows and river releases, Reclamation will be reducing river releases to minimums by Wednesday. Many of us continue to scratch our heads wondering exactly what it will take to get flows above 2,500cfs as was done successfully in the past.

While we applaud Reclamation’s efforts this spring to avoid river releases over 10,000cfs, it is clear that the existing operating criteria, including the rule curves, need work, and risk needs to be better balanced. FOBR will work closely with FWP and Reclamation to make sure this gets the much needed attention it deserves. Further, we will implore Reclamation to balance reaction times to inflows forecasts (i.e. reacting instantly to dry forecasts and reacting slowly to wet forecasts).

Enjoy the warm weather and cross your fingers we get enough fall precip to maintain 2,500cfs through the winter.

Starting today at noon, releases will drop from ~3,000cfs to 2,750cfs.

At 4pm today, releases will increase 100cfs to 2,850cfs.

On Tuesday at 4pm, releases will decrease from 2,850cfs to 2,725cfs

And finally on Wednesday, at 8am, releases will drop to 2,500cfs, the minimum flow to maintain the fishery.

Bighorn River releases to drop to minimums

The last of the river release reductions are finally upon us. Reclamation has stated they will do their best to maintain releases at or above the minimum of 2,500cfs through the rest of the summer and into fall.

Tomorrow at 8am releases will be reduced from 3,500cfs to 3,000cfs.

Tomorrow at 4pm releases will be reduced from 3,000cfs to 2,500cfs.

Cross your fingers we’ll have normal to slightly above normal precip heading into the fall.

Have a great summer!