Western Current Snow Water Equivalent (% of normal)

Snow water equivalents

The Westwide SNOTEL Current Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) % of Normal map shows the largest snowpack deficits (red areas) in the Cascades and Olympics in eastern Washington, all of Oregon, the Sierra Nevada in California, as well as most of Nevada, Arizona, parts of New Mexico, four basins in Idaho, two in Wyoming, and one in Utah. Below normal snowpacks (orange and yellow areas) are also located in eastern Washington, Idaho, most of Utah, eastern Nevada, western Colorado, parts of Wyoming, one basin in central New Mexico, and a few basins in Montana.
The snowpack in parts of Montana, northwestern Wyoming, eastern Colorado, southcentral Utah, and northern New Mexico are near normal.
One basin in northwest Utah and southeast Idaho has above normal snowpack at this time (light blue area).