Bighorn River System Issues Group

The next Bighorn River System Issues Group meeting will be held in Lovell, WY at the local Community Service Center on Thursday, January 15, 2009. An agenda will be posted soon. Friends of Bighorn River will be there, along with a few other notables. Expected to be on the agenda are the results of two Corps of Engineer studies; one regarding sedmentation at the south end of the lake, and the other on raising the flood pool an additional five feet. Both should be most interesting. With any luck, we’ll have more discussion on the VARQ model.If you have any questions or comments, please email or call Lenny Duberstein at 406-247-7331 or

New look, new features, same mission

Yes, we have a new look!In addition to a different visual layout, you’ll now have the ability to monitor updates with your RSS reader. Most modern web browser support RSS subscription, so just click the orange RSS link (below and to the right) to get started.You’ll also find the latest river releases and lake levels in the sidebar. These are updated directly from the HydroMet site and are pretty close to real time.As always, email us with any comments or suggestions, and thanks again for being a Friend of the Bighorn River!

Outlook for December

Just finished up a conference call with BOR, and flows should remain at 2,450cfs for the remainder of December. BOR’s forecasts came in pretty much dead-on. The algae is starting to leave the system in force, making fishing a bit easier. Browns have been seen on the redds and it looks like the spawn is in full swing. Click here to download the current plan.