Magic City Fly Fishers Expo

The fourth annual MCFF Expo is almost here. Jack Dennis, sponsored by Stockton Oil Company, headlines the Expo and Banquet on Saturday February 21st 2009 at the Billings Holiday Inn Convention Center. Our Expo tradition is to focus on youth and individuals, new or looking to improve their fly fishing and tying skills. The annual youth fly tying competition and fly casting competitions follow a morning of fly tying and casting instruction. You will have a choice of visiting with and learning from over 20 fly tyers or attending free presentations on a variety of fishing, casting and tying seminars. Bucket raffles will be held throughout the day as well. Jack will be at the Expo throughout the day:European Nymphing Techniques 9-10:30amFly Tying Workshop 11am-12pmEuropean Nymph Casting Demon 1-2pm25 Ways to Improve Your Fly Fishing 2:30-4pm In addition to Jacks evening program and fly tying demonstrations, the agenda for the days remaining events is set. It’s a full day of demos, workshops and lessons that you won’t want to miss! • Beginning Fly Fishing by Bob Krumm • Fly Casting Demos and Instruction by FFF Certified Casters Molly Semenik and Berris Samples• Fly Fishing for Warm Water Species by Kory Kober• Fly Fishing the Bighorn by Jeremy Gilbertson• Fly Fishing the Upper Yellowstone and Aquatic Nuisance Species by Dave Kumlien• Big Flies, Big Fish by Mike Williams• Introduction to Fly Fishing by Todd Rose• Fly Fishing for Women and Fly Fishing for Couples by Gayle Whittenberg• Nymph Fishing Techniques by Kevin Croff The evening banquet will feature Jack Dennis delivering a program sure to be entertaining entitled, The Worth of a Trout. You will also have the chance to bid on fantastic art work, fishing trips, great fly fishing gear, and other items. Our special grand prize this year is a 79 bamboo fly rod custom made by the world renowned, Boo Boys of Sweetgrass Rods in Twin Bridges. Only 144 squares on a special raffle board will be sold at $20 each ($100 for 6) for this prize. The rod will be available for viewing along with an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets at our February meeting. Ticket packages are available at our February meeting as well as by mail. Casting for Recovery is a special beneficiary of this years Expo and a portion of the package sales helps their efforts to cure breast cancer.

Sen. Tester takes up Crow Compact

Montana Senator Jon Tester, a friend of the Bighorn River, recently revived a $527 million bill that would finally settle the Crow Tribe’s water rights claims. The bill is co-sponsored by another friend of the river, Senator Max Baucus.The bill would resolve claims by the tribe that go back to a compact signed years ago between the tribe, the state of Montana and Dept of Interior and would entitle the Crow to 300,000 acre feet of water annually from Bighorn Lake and 500,000 acre feet from the Bighorn River. A similar bill was opposed last year by Wyoming lawmakers, but Senator Tester is confident differences can be worked out this year.Friends of the Bighorn River hasn’t seen the bill’s text yet, but the original compact protected the Bighorn River fishery by dictating minimum flow requirements, and it is presumed the new bill contains that important criteria.

Simulator is Up!

Folks, the first version of the simulator is now available. To access it, click the link FOBR Simulator in the upper right hand corner, or click here.Once you’ve got the simulator page up, you’ll find simple instructions at the bottom of the page. Make sure you have a Sep 30 starting lake elevation. Its easiest just to click the Lookup button and let the application look it up for you. Then, make sure there’s a river discharge in cubic feet per second (cfs) for each month. You can select a discharge schedule from the dropdown, and then modify it, or, just type in all the values yourself.Thanks to the Montana Area Office of Bureau of Reclamation for their help during the development of this project. A special thanks for Brian Marotz of Fish, Wildlife and Parks for his help, mentoring and timely advice.

Reservoir Simulator (Sneak Peek)

Many of you are aware that FOBR has been working feverishly on a web-based reservoir simulation application, and we’re proud to be able to give you a sneak peek at some of the results. Click the FOBR Forecast link or click here to have a look.What we eventually hope to provide is a user-friendly, web-based model you can use to make your own forecasts and set your own river releases, and see how your configuration fairs with current conditions, historical events and Reclamation’s own predictions, all in real time. We hope you’re as surprised as we were with some of the results!Watch for updates in the coming weeks, and feel free to email us with any comments or feedback.