Work progresses at Afterbay

As many of you are aware, Reclamation has been installing some new gaging equipment on and near the Afterbay Dam. This project has been ongoing for several years, and should greatly enhance Reclamation’s ability to determine exactly how much water is being released from the Afterbay. The work is nearing completion, and now calibration of the equipment is needed before it can be fully implemented. On April 14 through 16, river releases will fluctuate anywhere from 1,500cfs to as high as 4,500cfs, and anyone planning to be on the river those days should expect flows to be irregular by as much as 3,000cfs for short periods of time and plan accordingly.

Executive Order 12962

Signed on June 7, 1995, Executive Order 12962 mandates all federal agencies to work together to conserve and enhance fisheries. Section 1. Federal Agency Duties. Federal agencies shall, to the extent permitted by law and where practicable, and in cooperation with States and Tribes, improve the quantity, function, sustainable productivity, and distribution of U.S. aquatic resources for increased recreational fishing opportunities by: (a) developing and encouraging partnerships between governments and the private sector to advance aquatic resource conservation and enhance recreational fishing opportunities;(b) identifying recreational fishing opportunities that are limited by water quality and habitat degradation and promoting restoration to support viable, healthy, and, where feasible, self-sustaining recreational fisheries;(c) fostering sound aquatic conservation and restoration endeavors to benefit recreational fisheries;(d) providing access to and promoting awareness of opportunities for public participation and enjoyment of U.S. recreational fishery resources;(e) supporting outreach programs designed to stimulate angler participation in the conservation and restoration of aquatic systems;(f) implementing laws under their purview in a manner that will conserve, restore, and enhance aquatic systems that support recreational fisheries;(g) establishing cost-share programs, under existing authorities, that match or exceed Federal funds with nonfederal contributions;(h) evaluating the effects of Federally funded, permitted, or authorized actions on aquatic systems and recreational fisheries and document those effects relative to the purpose of this order; and(i) assisting private landowners to conserve and enhance aquatic resources on their lands.