Deputy Commissioner’s visit cancelled

Kira Finkler, the Bureau of Reclamation’s Deputy Director, has cancelled her visit to Montana scheduled for the end of this month.Montana Area Office Area Manager Dan Jewell made this statement earlier today:I just got off a call with Deputy Commissioner Finkler who called to inform me that she will regretfully be unable to visit Yellowtail and/or Billings the end of this month, as previously planned. She attributed her need to cancel the visit to factors beyond her immediate control, and asked me to pass along her sincere apologies to those who have been working on pulling together a site visit.We regret Ms. Finkler can’t visit with us, and she will find time to reschedule her trip for the near future.

Reclamation’s Deputy Commissioner to visit

Kira Finkler, Reclamation’s Deputy ComissionerThe Bureau of Reclamation’s Kira Finkler, Deputy Commissioner for External and Intergovernmental Affairs, will be visiting Reclamation’s Yellowtail project for two days at the end of this month. Ms. Finkler was invited by Friends of the Bighorn River and Trout Unlimited to visit Montana, and we are pleased and honored that she has accepted our invitation to see the area first hand, and help us development and implement strategies for resolving several critical issues with regards to Reclamation’s Montana Area Office reservoir management. At present, plans are for her to visit the Bighorn River, Ft. Smith, Yellowtail Dam and the Lovell area September 27, and attend the Long Term Issues Group meeting in Billings on the 28th.Updates to her itinerary and schedule will be posted here as they become available, as will more information on the Long Term Issues Group meeting which is open to the public.