Minor sluice gate malfunction explained

Reclamation sent out this explanation of the sluice gate malfunction that occurred a few evenings ago. Kudos to them for the quick response!

At approximately 11:30 p.m. on October 21, river flows in the Bighorn River increased from 2,250 cfs to approximately 3,300 cfs for about 30 minutes then back down to 2,800 cfs for several hours.  The river stage below the Yellowtail Afterbay increased approximately 0.8 feet when the river was at 3,300 cfs.  The number 3 sluice gate opened several feet due to a malfunction of the gate motor and possibly gate actuator.  Yellowtail staff worked several hours through the night to close the sluice gate and restore river flows back to 2,250 cfs.  Staff are currently making repairs and investigating the incident.