Bighorn River winter releases to increase by 80cfs

Buffalo Bill Reservoir has set their releases a bit higher than expected, which increases the winter inflows into Bighorn Lake. Consequently, Reclamation is increasing releases to the Bighorn River from 2,400cfs to 2,480cfs today at 1pm.
Most welcome is the news that this new flow of 2,480cfs will be set as the winter release, and should continue until early spring.
Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Bighorn releases to increase to 2,400cfs

On Monday, November 25, at 4pm, river releases will increase from 2,330cfs to 2,400cfs. Reclamation has indicated this increase is necessary to evacuate storage from the exclusive flood pool.

We are awaiting word that 2,400cfs will be the new winter release until spring.

Update: Reclamation has indicated this increase in releases is temporary, and will most likely revert to 2,330cfs when the flood pool has been evacuated. FOBR will continue to work to achieve at least minimum flows for the winter.

Reclamation sets Bighorn River winter releases

Citing record low fall and winter releases from upstream reservoirs and despite Bighorn Lake elevations in the exclusive flood pool, Reclamation has set winter releases for the Bighorn River to 2,330 cfs. Typically those releases are maintained until early spring barring any unusual weather events.

The winter release represents just a 30 cfs increase from the current release to 2,300cfs.