Bighorn River release to reach 7,500cfs Saturday

With mountain snowpack well over average, managers at upstream reservoirs Boysen and Buffalo Bill are stepping up releases in to the Bighorn Lake. In order to accommodate snowmelt runoff, releases out of Yellowtail will need to be increased accordingly.

Starting at 8am on Friday, releases will increase from 6,500cfs to 7,000cfs. Likewise, at 8am on Saturday, releases will increase from 7,000cfs to 7,500cfs.


Bighorn River releases to step up another 500cfs

Citing snowpack in the basin that remains well over 130% of average, Reclamation will be increasing releases to the Bighorn River to 6,500cfs tomorrow at 8am.

Engineers are predicting that the lake level will have to drop to nearly 3,600ft to evacuate enough storage to contain the runoff. To reach this lake level, additional releases may be coming in the weeks ahead, and depend of course, on what Mother Nature has in store for us.