Bighorn River releases to jump to 4,500cfs


With the lake less than four feet from full and increased releases from upstream reservoirs coupled with timely precipitation in the Bighorn Basin, Reclamation has decided to increase releases to the river.

Starting today at 4pm, releases will increase from approx 2,900cfs to 3,500cfs.

On Tuesday at 4pm, releases will increase from 3,500cfs to 4,000cfs

On Wednesday at 4pm, releases will increase from 4,000cfs to 4,500cfs

At this time, no releases in to the canal are planned.

Enjoy the summer weather, and be sure your friends/clients to take home their limit of algae!!


Bighorn River releases to approach minimums

As inflows continue to decline and releases from the upstream reservoirs also dropping, Reclamation will continue to control the rate of fill for Bighorn Lake by cutting releases to the river.

Starting today at 4pm, releases will drop from approx 4,250cfs to 3,750cfs.

Starting Wednesday at 4pm, releases will drop from 3,750cfs to 3,250cfs

Starting Thursday at 4pm, releases will drop from 3,250cfs to 3,000cfs.

Should inflows continue to plummet, river releases could be reduced to 2,500cfs next week.

Bighorn River releases to continue down

As mentioned in the previous post, next week we’ll be seeing some further reductions to river releases. Here is the official schedule for next week:

On Monday, June 9, at 8am releases will drop from ~7,400cfs to 6,820cfs.

On Monday, June 9 at 4pm, releases will drop from 6,820cfs to 6,320cfs.

On Tuesday, June 10, releases will drop from 6,320cfs to 5,945cfs.

On Wednesday, June 11, releases will drop from 5,945cfs to 5,570cfs.

On Thursday, June 12, releases will drop from 5,570cfs to 5,070cfs.



Bighorn River flow reductions to begin

Confirming that the three major reservoirs in the Bighorn Basin are in good shape to handle the remainder of spring runoff, river releases will begin to be reduced starting today.

Starting today and continuing through Thursday, releases will be reduced by 500cfs each day at 4pm. With releases currently at 8,320cfs, this 1,500cfs reduction will bring releases to 6,820.  Releases are being reduced gradually to minimize bank sloughing as water is evacuated.

Additional releases are expected next week, with flows winding up around 5,100cfs by the end of next week. Watch this site for details.