A return to micro-managing water

Reclamation just released an water order change indicating once again the need to evacuate storage out of the exclusive flood pool.

On Tuesday, September 2nd at 4pm, river releases will increase from 3,050cfs to 3,300cfs.

Maybe my perspective is a bit shaded after 8 years of this, but with inflows at or above 4,000cfs, river releases at 3,300cfs and the canal at 275cfs, it seems Reclamation is not managing water in acre feet, but in drops and buckets.

These small bumps just drag in the dead debris from the last surge, making the river and banks stink, the fishing lousy and the river experience a real nightmare for both commercial and public interests alike. To paraphrase Rep Elaine Harvey, we haven’t had a river for four weeks!

What the heck is driving this incredibly conservative water management? Is there an unwritten policy at MTAO that all forecasts are considered drought unless proven otherwise? What exactly will it take for us to achieve some semblance of balance with other water interests?

Sorry for the rant. Hang in there, folks. We’ll sort this out in the fall meetings.

Releases to bounce yet again!

Recent precipitation has caused inflows into Bighorn Lake to increase and cause the lake to fill in to the exclusive flood pool. Therefore, it is necessary for Reclamation to once again raise river releases to evacuate storage.

This is the second time this year releases have been increased because of what FOBR believes is a an overly conservative water management policy. Rest assured, this policy will be a primary topic of discussion with Reclamation this fall.

Starting today at 4pm, releases will increase form 2,625cfs to 3,000cfs.

Flows to be restored by morning

Following today’s recovery efforts near Two Leggins, river releases will be increased in two stages:

Starting this evening at 8pm, release will be increased from 1,500cfs to 2,125cfs.

Tomorrow morning at 8am, releases will increase from 2,125cfs to 2,625 cfs.

The morning increase was requested by WAPA, and Reclamation had desired to accommodate our wishes to increase from 1,500cfs to ~2,600cfs

Flows dropped to search for drowning victim

In response to a request from the BIA, river releases to the Bighorn River were reduced today to aid in the search of a potential drowning victim near the Two Leggins diversion. Flows were set at 1,500cfs, the minimum to sustain the fishery, and will continue at that level for the remainder of the day or until the victim is found. No further details were made available.