River releases to increase another 200cfs on March 2nd

As anticipated, additional releases are coming, but not until next week.

At 4pm on Monday, releases will be increased 200cfs from 3,000cfs to 3,200cfs.

It is important to note that the the current lake elevation is just a hair over 10 feet from being full, and two feet higher than the lake elevation was on this date last year.

Look for additional updates as conditions start to change in the coming weeks.

First increase in releases to come Thursday


It is that time of year again!

The warm temperatures are keeping inflows higher than normal, and the lake is filling when it should be drafting. Therefore, Reclamation will be increasing river releases to control storage.

Starting tomorrow at 4pm, releases will increase from 2,830cfs to 3,000cfs.

There is a good possibility that additional releases will come next week, if not sooner.

Hope everyone has wintered OK and is ready to get back on the river!