Bighorn releases to rise 100cfs this afternoon

Citing the postponement of irrigation due to recent precipitation, Reclamation will increase releases to the river by 100cfs this afternoon at 4pm.  This will bring the total river releases to 2,600cfs.

This time of year is crucial to a robust rainbow spawn. Please reports sightings of rainbows on redds to help biologists better evaluate the impact of rising releases on the spawners.



Recent precip means slightly increased flows to the Bighorn River


Citing a turn for the better with regards to precipitation and snowpack, Reclamation will increase river releases 250cfs. Look for the increase to occur at 4pm on Thursday.

This small increase will bring releases up to 2,250cfs, up from 2,000cfs. Minimum releases to wet all important side channel habitat is 2,500cfs.

The current lake elevation is just shy of 3,620ft. which is nearly 12 feet higher than historical averages.